Thursday, January 1, 2009


So, this year I am going to try to take a photo a day, every day, all year! Now those of you who know me will know this will never happen! But it is a worthy challenge! Some days I will get lots of nice photos, and I will upload a selection to this blog. Other days, especially working days, the photo will be more mundane. At the end of the year not only should I have a nice record of 2009, but hopefully my photography skills will have developed also!

So here is today's selection. We visited my mother in law and went for a lovely walk at Balmerino in Fife, on the River Tay. It is a gorgeous spot. It was very cold and we had to negotiate icy puddles, but I managed to get some nice shots. However I am not choosing one of the best for my photo of the day, but instead one that is slightly unusual. This is a picture of me taking a picture of the round traffic mirror that was at the end of a lane:

I have posted a selection of other photos that give a picture of the charm of Balmerino. You can clicck on the images for a closer view.

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valerie said...

great pics love the way you ahve collected them all together