Monday, January 5, 2009

365 Day 5

I'm back at work today so I just managed a few point and shoots today. I am so lucky to live in Edinburgh-it's such a beautiful city, and on my work today the sun was rising over Holyrood Palace. Now there is not really anywhere legal to park so I just pulled over and took these quick shots. I'm sure if I had more time to walk and compose the shot it would be better, but it does give a brief view of my great route to work- past Arthur's Seat (the big hill in the background) and past the palace. And all this virtually smack bang in the middle of the city!


some more:

This is the traffic on my way home-
and the bus parked across the road from our house!

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Anonymous said...

Very good!

{ Emma } said...

Love the colour of the sunrise through the trees, it's beautiful. It's often like this when I drive to work, you've inspired me to pull over and take a few shots whilst the sun is still just coming up while I'm setting off.


kikimama said...

I do love Edinburgh, it is a picturesque city, though I'm not over that often.