Sunday, January 11, 2009

365 Day11

What a horrible wet and windy day we've had today! As a result I have not been out and about, so my photos today are indoor shots. Evidence of Emily, I'd call them. I'm not sure how I managed to get a daughter like Emily. She takes such pride in her room, everything is always tidy and she has little collections of her favourite things. I chose the photo of the day because I liked the colour against the white walls, and also because I like the perspective:

Here are some more of her favourite things:

AND finally-what I learned about today was White Balance. I has it set on auto, but was getting an awful yellow colour cast to the photos. So here's what a difference it makes just by adjusting the white balance to tungsten. These photos are unedited, I know the focus is not good, but it's the difference in colour that I'm interested in. the top photo is auto white balance, the bottom is the tungsten setting.
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Karen said...

That's never a teenagers bedroom!!!! Can I swap her for my son - his room is a tip!