Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Emily and Jack went to the school ceildh tonight.
Jack was off with friends before I got home from work, so no photos of him in his kilt!
but lots of Emily in her first 'dress up'.
She was beside herself with excitement.
I curled her hair at her request.
She hated it!
I was the enemy!
Then the curl dropped-as I told her it would- and she relaxed a bit.
She was happy by the time her friends came around.
This was my favourite of the photos:

Some more:

and more still..
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Anonymous said...

She looks lovely! I'll bet she was so happy to be wearing such a pretty dress. How were you feeling about all of this?

Anonymous said...

Th comment is from me, Lisa Dawn, the comment section has changed again and I can only comment anonymously..... this comment and the above one too.

Karen said...

I love that first photo - your daughter looks stunning. Having seen the sneak peek of the detail on the dress in one of your other posts I was wondering what the rest of the dress was like. It's gorgeous.