Saturday, January 9, 2010

52 WALKS- Week 2

Today I walked along the Union Canal from Harrison Park to the Lochrin Basin. It was the second time I've done this walk during the big freeze. Today the footpath was less icy which made for easier walking, but the canal was well and truly frozen, with a covering of snow. So it was hard to distinguish the canal from the footpath. And people were enjoying walking on the canal (not me though, because the very idea freaks me out!) These photos were all taken at the Lochrin Basin end of the canal, and show the development that has taken place along the canal in recent years.
The Leamington Road lift bridge-which lifts to allow the canal boats through.

This view was taken from the Leamington lift bridge towards the city centre:

Canal boats moored in the canal:

A colourful canal boat:
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Annalisa said...

Hi Pam your photos are beautiful!Your blog is very interesting.I visited Scotland last summer and it was love at first sight!Now I'm following your blog,i found it by Lorna@scrappingandchatting.

Kerry said...

Interesting pictures. I love how you have captured the immobility of the canal boats.

Coffeedoff said...

Wow lovely photos of the canal boats in the ice. I dont think I would feel like walking on it either.