Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had a day out today-up through GlenShee, and on to Braemar.
We are very familiar with braemar because we used to there a lot when we lived in Aberdeenshire.
I don't know how many hours were spent when the kids were little pulling them along on the flying fox in the park. But one of our favourite things to do there was to go to the duck pond and feed the ducks. It was very quiet there today-just me and the sound of my camera shutter and the ducks quacking. It was very peaceful and I loved watching the antics of the ducls splashing around in the water.

So here are some of my favourite photos of the ducks:

I love above one because of the water-it looks so clear and I love the circular ripples around the duck.
And these below I love for other reasons-detail, reflections, actions...
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