Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well I don't think it's a thistle-but it's thistle like! We were over near Dumfries yesterday and I was experimenting with camera settings and I learned something! Actually, I've learned a lot recently about my camera, and taking photos in general.
Now I thought to get this shallow depth of field I had to use the smallest aperture setting on my lense, which is 3.5. and stand as close to the plant as my autofocus would allow. The result was that the plant looked small and insignificant in the frame, and the background not as blurred as I would have liked. Then I experimented with standing back, zooming in with a larger aperture setting. This was the most successful at f/9.
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Don't you just love it when you make progress?

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deb said...

Fab photo Pam. Your DOF in this photo is great. I am envious that you are making photographic progress - I am still working with my fingers crossed - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - but I have not learnt how or why. I really must learn to pay more attention or else I will never progress.