Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prague: Day1

What a fabulous time we had in Prague. The sun shone every day, the skies were BLUE! YAY!
and it was warm enough to sit and eat at the outdoor cafes at night!
And beer was the cheapest thing to drink-cheaper than coffee, coke or water-no kidding!
Prague is a picturebook pretty city-like something out of a fairy tale. It is one of those cities with winding streets offering glimpses of what's around the corner. There are so many interesting things to take photos of-sweeping views across the river, wonderful skylines, picturesque buildings, great architecture and interesting street scenes.
My picture of the day is looking across Old Town Square to Chram Matky Bozi pred Tynem-the Church of Our Lady. The twin spires have gold stars, and at night these glow and look like they are floating above the church. Stunning!
This collage is a collection of sights we saw as we walked around on our first day, getting our bearings. Click for a closer look.
Between us we took over 600 photos! Don't you just love the freedom of digital photography?
Believe me, choosing just a few to put up is not an easy task!
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deb said...

Ohh Pam what a lovely photo you chose for photo of the day. Your other photos are beautiful - will you make a nice photo book to show off some of your 600? Prague looks a lovely place though I have never been.