Sunday, April 5, 2009


This monument is up by Dreghorn Barracks, where I was walking today.
I drive past here all the time, so I decided to walk up today to have a close look at the monument.
When I got home I did some research and found out a bit about the monument.
It was erected in 1885 using pillars from William Adams Old Infirmary, the monument commemorates the Covenanters (1666)

Wikipedia says:
The Covenanters formed an important movement in the religion and politics of Scotland in the 17th century. In religion the movement is most associated with the promotion and development of Presbyterianism as a form of church government favoured by the people, as opposed to Episcopacy, favoured by the Crown. In politics the movement saw important developments in the character and operation of the Scottish Parliament, which began a steady shift away from its medieval origins. The movement as a whole was essentially conservative in tone, but it began a revolution that engulfed Scotland, England and Ireland, the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
The name derives from biblical bonds or covenants. The National Covenant of 1638 takes as its point of departure earlier documents of the same kind and is chiefly concerned with preserving the Reformation settlement free from crown innovations. Its sister document, the 1643 Solemn League and Covenant, is also concerned with religion, but its chief importance is as a treaty of alliance between the Covenanters in Scotland and the Parliament of England, anxious for help in the increasingly bitter civil war with Charles I. It however also highlighted the Covenanters own extreme lack of religious tolerance, something that was to lead to their eventual defeat at the Battle of Dunbar by the very Oliver Cromwell with whom they had been allied, and their gradual disbandment.

The monument also records other significant military incursions; namely the Romans, Cromwell in 1650 and Charles Edward Stuart in 1745.

It's nice to have all this history on your doorstep.

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