Friday, April 17, 2009

Prague: day 2

I really like the today's photo-Prague has beautiful street lamps like this one in the Kampa area :

Just around the corner is The John Lennon Wall. After John Lennon died in 1980 he became a symbol of peace and democracy amonst the youth of Prague, who painted images of him, his songs, peace signs etc. These were always whitewashed over by the authorities, -remember this was still when Czechoslavakia was a communist dictatorship-but the graffitti would reappear. Today it looked like a giant work of art-colourful and symbolic, and Emily and I loved it!

And some more sights-lovely quaint streets, ornate architecture and wonderful views across the spires and domes of the skyline:

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deb said...

Oh these photos are gorgeous!

Kat said...

Fabulous Photos, Pam - really have go to to Prague at some point!!