Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 52 #2 Street Portrait

#2 Street Portrait
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So for Project 52, assignment 2 we were to ask a stranger to pose for a photo. I have taken photos of strangers before, usually street performers during the Festival. I wasn't looking forward to this assignment, because I feel uncomfortable about this type of photography. I think it is intrusive to ask a stranger to pose for a photo. I know they can say no, but still it makes me uncomfortable. Also I find the idea of having portraits of people I don't know on my computer a bit disconcerting. I'm ok about street scenes with people going about their business-it's the portrait stuff I don't like.
Anyway, I came across a large group of young people all dressed up in costumes in the city centre. I thought they were performers of some kind, When I chatted to them they turned out just to enjoy dressing up and descending en masse at different locations. So I figured this was a bunch of people who didn't mind being the centre of attention, so I was happy to ask some of them to pose for me. The photo you see is Lauren.

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