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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Talisker Bay

I spent a good few hours exploring the area around Talisker Bay. The drive to Talisker is quite stunning, as glimpses of the Cuillins emerge along various viewpoints along the way, like this view below of the snow covered peaks:
If you've ever been to Skye you will know all about the narrow roads with passing places. The road to Talisker is particularly narrow with quite a few blind summits, so care needs to be taken driving!
This corrugated shearing shed had a hint of Australia about it, which harked back to my childhood:
As did this rusty iron wall:
Talisker bay itself is described as one of the prettiest beaches on Skye, and certainly there are pretty elements as you will see below. However, being on the west of Skye, an awfulof debris gets washed up on shore. I didn't bother photographing the ropes, and plastic bottles and crates that spoiled this spot. Instead I concentrated on the natural beauty of the place.
The beach is a mixture of sand, pebbles and larger rocks, all rounded and smoothed by the ocean:
The light sparkled on the wet sand:

The sand is interesting-a mixture of black and white sand, which forms interesting patterns, changing with wash of the waves:
The sea was a gorgeous turquoise:
The natural inclination is to photograph landscapes in landscape orientation (it's not called landscape for nothing!!) But sometimes, it's good to turn the camera into portrait orientation for a different viewpoint. What I like about this photo is the horizontal bands of sky, water, waves and rocks:
And here the waves are crashing against the rocks:
I do seem to have a thing about rust-this was a big rusty cylinder, maybe a tank of some kind which was on the beach. Love the colours and textures:
And finally, one of the black faced sheep which roam all over Skye:
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