Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 52 #12 One light portrait

So for this assignment we were meant to take a portrait of an artist holding something related to their art in their hand. We were to use one light to create a portrait with one side of the face lit, and the other in shadow. The light could be a flash or even the sun. I don't actually know any artists so my daughter agreed, grudgingly, to pose as a jewellery artist!

This photo fits the brief and is lit by the afternoon sun through the window.
It is not the most flattering photo though.

In the next photo I was standing in front of the window, and used flash bounced from the ceiling. I had the diffuser on the flash, as well as the white flag to direct some light towards Emily. It doesn't fit the brief of light and shade on the face, but it is a much more flattering photo.

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karen said...

I actually like both, they give totally different impressions to the viewer. The second one is more natural and your daughter seems much more relaxed and her expression is great. I love the lighting on the first as well, much more serious/moody.