Saturday, December 12, 2009

More lamposts

Today there was a heavy fog all over Edinburgh-as there was yesterday, and is forecast again for tomorrow. I thought I might get some atmospheric shots, but I don't think there was enough tonal variation, and the light was very flat. I converted most of today's photos to black and white-well those I didn't delete!
Anyway, here are some lamps at Duddingston.

I quite like this silhouette:

This one lacks sharpness:

And this is my favourite-and it's not a black and white conversion. I like that it looks black and white until you focus on the leaves! I'm not sure whether a different crop might be better though.

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deb said...

Wow there are some really lovely lamp posts in Edinburgh. Good idea to turn them to b & W - I may have a go at doing that to my sculpture in the fog photo from yesterday.