Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loch Ard

Last Sunday we got up early and drove up to the Trossachs. Loch Ard is a photograper's dream. The Loch has the most amazing reflective qualities. The mist was down thick over the loch when we arrived, and I was able to take some atmospheric photos. But even in the thick mist the loch still reflects. This photo looks more like a photo of a snow scene, but if you look at the fence protruding into the water you will be able to see the reflection in the water.

And what a difference an hour makes-same fence, slightly different angle:
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deb said...

What amazing shots! I thought the first one was a snow scene - I had to look twice - very clever photo. And what a difference in the second one - you would never believe it was the same place.