Sunday, June 14, 2009


We were at Dawyck Botanic Garden again today. I was mucking around with the camera settings on my camera-mostly unsuccessfully-but I have learned some things, so that's the main thing, I guess. Today I was mainly playing around with meter mode-trying to learn about how this effects photos. I took some really BAD photos today. My focus is all over the place at the moment-don't know what's going on. Today's photo is not a good photo, but I chose it because I think the tree is particularly interesting. It is called Abies Delavayi and it has the most amazing and beautiful dark blue pine cones, and wonderful acidic green new foliage. Both look beautiful against the darker green, older foliage.
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deb said...

Wow blue cones as well - you certainly have unusual flora & fauna up there in Scotland.