Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Inside out

We had the most magnificent sunset here today.
The sun was an enormous glowing circle just hanging in the sky.
I didn't have my camera!!
I was almost home, so I rushed in, got the camera
and drove the half mile back to where I had seen the perfect sun.
It was gone!
Well it would be wouldn't it?
So feeling dispirited I went home and took numerous photos around the house.
I love this one:

I was inside the house shooting through the front window,
trying to get a shot of Venus up behind the tree.
Well, I didn't get Venus.
but I did get the lounge room lights reflected in the window glass.
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Karen said...

I chased the sunset a couple of weekends ago. The sun had set before I got there too. Love the lights in the window very UFO-ish. LOL